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~Thinking Of You~  / Melissa Carlie Adams Grandma....   Read >>
~Thinking Of You~  / Melissa Carlie Adams Grandma....

The Wings Of An Angel
So Pure And So White,
The Wings Of An Angel
Holding You Tight,
The Wings Of An Angel
Caressing Your Skin,

The Wings Of An Angel
Keeping The Love Within.
These Wings From An Angel
Are My Gift To You,
These Wings From An Angel
Will Help See You Through.

Love and (((hugs))) From,

~Melissa's Grandma~

Father of Angel Ryan  / James Foley (Passerby)  Read >>
Father of Angel Ryan  / James Foley (Passerby)
My sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of Michael.  As a father and one who lost his son in a tragic accident I know your pain first hand.  Know that Michael and my son Ryan (18) are now hitting it off up there.  Ryan is no doubt asking Michael about ATV's as Ryan was into cars (Mustanga especially) and is now asking Michael to teach him to ride.  The pain never goes away, but know in time that the time it takes you to remember sweet thoughts and happy times comes quicker and relieves the pain slightly, and will bring a slight smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Close
My condolences  / Alma Mills   Read >>
My condolences  / Alma Mills

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Michael.
My heart goes out to you. I know our angels are together
watching over us and one day we will see them again.
Sending warm hugs

Michael was a Wonderful Young Man!  / Wendy Goodwin (friend)  Read >>
Michael was a Wonderful Young Man!  / Wendy Goodwin (friend)
I have known Michael since he was a little boy. Michael was always caring. Jadonna and him were boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time. I remember as a very young boy we all went to the movies and he just had to pay for her ticket. He always wanted to do the right thing. I will miss Michael more than anyone will ever know. He had a smile that lit the whole room. When he got his 4 wheeler and Matthew got his car they came by, Michael jumped out of the car and with that big bright smile said " I got a 4 wheeler" he was so proud. Michael was also just as happy that Matthew got a car. Being Karla's best friend I have lots of memories of Michael and I will hold them in my heart forever. I miss you now and will forever.. Close
Michael / Karla Cale (Mother)  Read >>
Michael / Karla Cale (Mother)

How can I explain how much Michael has affected my life? He was a joy to be around. He could make you laugh for hours. He would watch TV shows with me and sometimes cry. He had the biggest heart ever. He would always make you feel good, like when I came home from the store he would come running out to carry in what ever I bought saying Mommy, Mommy, he was 15 and didn't care. I remember looking at him and wondering what he was going to be like all grown up. Would he grow any more? He was 6 ft tall. Would he have a beard or a mustache when he got older? Everyday with out him is bad. I wish we could go back in time and stop things from happening. I wish my baby was still here with me. 

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